About Us

Fresh Prints Clothing is a hand-drawn and hand-printed clothing brand from
Brooklyn, NY. Hailing from the city renowned for it’s high end and over the
top fashion districts, Fresh Prints Clothing is quite the opposite. We are
just out to have fun and make wearable artwork that will bring a smile to
your face.

Simply put, we keep fashion fun.

Originally printed on a dorm room floor with prints being delivered on
demand, Fresh Prints Clothing is constantly growing and adapting. New
items are released regulary, and the prints are just as Fresh as always.

We are a homegrown, hand-drawn, and hand-printed clothing company, and we
plan to keep it that way!

About The Artist

Tim Fealey is a young designer and illustrator hailing from Suburbia USA.
Born and raised in upstate New York, Tim now lives in Brooklyn, NY
where he designs for retail fashion in Manhattan. His work can be found all over,
anywhere from Macy’s to Marshall’s and everywhere in between.

With a degree in graphic design and a background in screen printing,
a hand-made clothing company was the obvious choice for Tim to start building.
Much like his company motto, Tim just wants to enjoy life and have fun.
His characters very much exemplify his attitude towards life and living:
Love what you do, and you will love your life!